We are happy to announce the acquisition of the Integrated Production seal of the D. O. CAVA. Based on this distinctive, we are able to certify that 100% of the base wine has been pressed and vinified in our winery, which entails a guarantee of product traceability. In accordance with this regulation, it is not possible to purchase a base wine Cava neither a bottle in vertical position, therefore, this grants a high calibre to our product.

This seal has not been acquired by changing our way of working: since 1993 we are makers of our own base wine Cava and we fulfil all the constraints of the D. O. Penedès.

For this reason, we are delighted to at length be able to accredit pressing and vinification on the property.

Along with the Integrated Production seal, there are a further number of variations in the D. O. regulation.

The distinction in zoning is essential, so we can acknowledge where each bottle comes from. This new regulation enables us to distinguish four large zones and seven sub zones.

  • Comtats de Barcelona:
    • Valls d’Anoia – Foix
    • Serra de Mar
    • Conca del Gaià
    • Serra de Prades
    • Pla de Ponent
  • Valle del Ebro:
    • Alto Ebro
    • Valle del Cierzo
  • Viñedos de Almendralejo
  • Zona de Levante

Our winery is located in the Penedès and we are part of the Comtats of Barcelona region and Valls d’Anoia – Foix subregion.

In addition, the quality seal that is specified will vary depending on the aging time, in which we can appreciate two categories: Cava de Guarda and Cava de Guarda Superior.

It is indispensable for Cavas de Guarda to have a minimum aging period of 9 months, whereas those of Guarda Superior are required to have a minimum aging period of 18 months (among other attributes).


  • Maximum 10,000 kg/ha of grape
  • +18 months of aging
  • Ecological certification in vineyard and winery
  • Minimum age of the vineyard 10 years
  • Reference of the harvest on the label

The entirety of our products will be of the ultimate distinction due to their long aging and the fulfilment of the peculiarities of the Cava de Guarda Superior.

This regulation is great news: it enables us to discern ourselves by making a Cava with the fullest quality assured.

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